I offer a variety of readings and consultations to help guide you to being the best version of

yourself on your magickal manifesting journey.

Mystic’s Message 

To my wonderful clients,

A lot has been happening at One Ritual Away. I am excited to announce  I will begin offering the long-awaited Mystic Magick Live webinars . Personalized 1 on 1 concierge candle magick and spiritual life coaching session packages . I am very happy now that all of you will be able to attend my workshops

With all of these new changes taking I will limiting the type client spell work services I offer , so that I am able to fully focus on the preparing the online classes and private coaching session. 

However, I will continue taking clients for intuitive tarot readings , consultations and coaching sessions .  I look forward to working with you . As manifesting your best life is only One Ritual Away !

Bright Blessings,
Mystic At The Crossroads

Mystic Jasmine’s Intuitive Tarot Readings & 1 on 1 Personalized Coaching Sessions.


Get Life Changing Spiritual Insight Into Your Personal Life Transitions. 

If you are looking a clear ,accurate ,uplifting reading delivered with compassion and non-judgment . To help you navigate what ever life throws your way. You’ve come to the right place . I can guide you to your highest outcomes, give loving advise ,and help you change your life in powerfully positive way .




Intuitive Tarot Readings are offered by phone . Available in the U.S , for clients outside of the U.S readings can be done via Whatapp  , FaceTime or Google Duo ( Audio only )


Rates – Phone Readings

  • 15 Minutes – $35
  • 30 Minutes – $90


What is a Intuitive Tarot Reading ?

A intuitive tarot reading is an opportunity to look at your life from a new perspective. If you are an enlightened person who is seeking answers that can’t be found in the material world, then a intuitive tarot reading may bring in the guidance that you’re looking for. People with relationship problems, career questions, worries about school, money issues, or blockages of any kind often find a intuitive reading really helps to shine a light on the solutions that they need.


Can an intuitive tarot reading communicate with someone who has passed away ? 

Connecting with someone who has passed away is done through someone who is gifted with and is an expert in mediumship by allowing that spirit channel and communicate through them .That is not my area of expertise .However , I am clairvoyant ,clairaudient and clairsentient.  Which mean I am able to channel messages from my spirit guides directly through the tarot cards , and by receiving visions ,feelings and hearing the answers to your questions . Along with connecting with your energy and higher self .  Therefore unfortunately a intuitive tarot reading would not be appropriate means for contacting the dearly departed .


Personalized 1 on 1 Magickal Instructional Session . 


If you would like the personalization of private one-on-one magical tutoring session to help you prepare to perform your own spell work , then Individual Instruction session is perfect for you.

I offer a private by phone session , in candle magick , altar set up , how to write a effective writing , choosing and working with spirits. During the session we will focus on exactly the skills you wish to learn at exactly your level of knowledge and training.

Rate – 1 on 1 Magickal instruction session by phone

60 mins -$175


Want To Learn Candle Magick

How does magic work? How can I use magic to improve my life? Is magic real and how do I access it? If you have questions and want to begin or expand your candle magick, and want an experienced magical practitioner to guide you.

Coming October 2022, I will be offering a online downloadable beginner’s self guided candle magick course along with access to chat with me during a live zoom group check-ins and Q & A sessions.

 We will begin at the very basic in candle magick where you can start from scratch or fill-in-the-gaps on your spiritual knowledge.

Learn how to do candle magic, How to set up an altar that works ,writing effective petitions, constructing spells .   Whether you are curious or serious, learning the ins-and-outs of spell casting and magic can enhance your life in positive and powerful ways. Learn real magic from a real witch. It’s better than Hogwarts!




Spell Casting Services

Not able to do magic for yourself? No problem! If you would like magical help in changing your circumstances for the better, I offer services to assist you in living your best life.

These candle spells are done personally by me with love and the highest level of skill and integrity. With each spell, you receive a photo of your candle work . When your spell is complete, you will receive a photo showing the remains of your spell so that you can interpret them and know what your next steps are.