I offer a variety of readings and consultations to help guide you to being the best version of

yourself you can be and coach you on your magickal manifesting journey.

Mystic’s Message for the New Year

To my wonderful clients,

A lot has been happening at One Ritual Away. I am excited to announce as of January 1, 2019, I will begin offering the long-awaited Mystic Magick Live webinars and personalized 1 on 1 candle magick coaching sessions. I am very happy now that all of you will finally be able to attend my workshops

With all of these new changes taking I will be temporarily suspending my client spell work service so that I am able to fully focus on the preparing the online classes and private coaching session. I will also be releasing my very first magickal spell book and oracle card deck in 2019

However, I will continue taking clients for intuitive tarot readings and consultations. Along with now available One Ritual Away’s newly added: “Do it yourself spell kits”. Each kit comes fully prepared with everything you will need to perform your very own magickal ritual. You may also for an additional charge book a 1 on 1 phone session or tarot reading for some extra guidance working with or help to select the appropriate spell kit for your situation. I look forward to working with you in the New Year!

Bright Blessings,
Mystic At The Crossroads

Readings & Consultations

Consultation for Spell work done for you, * New Clients *

A private 60 min consultation with tarot reading is to discuss the situation you are seeking spiritual work for, during our session, I will ask some general questions about your circumstances, perform a reading to determine the appropriate work which will need to be done and answer any additional concerns you may have.

$300 per hour

There are some cases in which I personally do not feel a reading prior to performing the work is necessary. For (example single candle spells for money drawing or finding a new job). However, for more complex cases a reading is recommended before spell work is done.

Magickal Candle Work Done For You

Personal Happiness

  • Road Opening for Success & Prosperity
  • Healing & self love
  • Protection

Money Drawing

  • Finances, Job, Career and Improve business

Love Drawing

  • To attract a new love partner

Individual instructions session

Do it yourself spell work

For guided coaching on performing your own spell work

*Note this session will not include a tarot reading*

$175 per hour

Tarot Readings

Tarot readings are perfect for when you have specific questions about your life. Whether those questions are mundane (such as, “What will help bring a love into my life?”) or esoteric (such as, “What is my spiritual purpose?”), tarot can be the road map to help guide you to greater knowledge of yourself, the energies around you, and the possibilities that life holds for you.

  • 30 min-$90
  • 60 min-$150

Private Reiki Healing & Spiritual Cleansing Session

During a private healing session, Jasmine uses Reiki, crystals, oils, chimes and sound bowl remove energetic blocks within the mind, body and spirit creating a peaceful space of wellness and harmony within and throughout your life.

Reiki is a healing modality where Universal Life Force Energy is shared through hands-on treatment. Each crystal has a unique healing property. Laying them along your body amplifies the unlocking of your chakras (energetic centers). In combination with Reiki, they will enhance your ability to reach your healthiest, highest self with crystal clarity.  Essential oils and vibrations sound bowls will also aid in energizing you and your intentions.

Prior to receiving a healing treatment, Jasmine will cleanse your aura through a sacred smudging and grounding ritual . During the session, Ascended Masters and Angle guides will be invoked to provide

guidance and protection. She will also incorporate Sacred Geometry Reiki to heal on a deeper molecular level. Sessions available January 2019