Mystic’s Spell Work Services & Booking Process 

I customize each spell with love paying close attention to every detail of your request. The same way I would do for a loved one or my own personal candle spell .

Each spell is prepared with my own hand blended conjure oil recipes and herbal mixtures according to your individual situation . Then placed on my altar and worked on from anywhere from 3-7 days depending on the type of work or number of spells your order .  Performing spell work is both time and energy consuming .

I am a solitary practitioner and prefer to fully focus all of my energy into one spell preparation at a time . Therefore at the time that you order your spell  . I may have other clients spell work already booked ahead of you . I performed spells based on the days of the week or time of the month, whichever comes first.

I try my very best to accommodate scheduling every clients spell to be started within 1 week from the day of our consultation. . ****Workings are scheduled first come, first serve and on the appropriate day of the week to bring you the best results possible

The 15 minute complimentary consultation is for you to share any details I need to know prior to starting your spell . A tarot reading is not required to have work performed and will not offered during the consultation. If you’d like a reading done on your situation please book a separate appointment first before ordering your spell . 

Example : If you order a love spell ( these are done on friday’s )and we speak on a Monday , then your spell will be scheduled to be started on that Friday giving I have availability on that day . 

Before booking any spell work please be sure to read my spell work agreement 

And my spell work FAQ’s for any additional questions on scheduling , pricing and policies.   

Custom Complex Candle Spell Service

A Complex Candle Spell Service  is a completely bespoke service with each element of the candle spell designed specifically for your intentions.

I select the master candle, support candles, custom blend the herbs, and oils that best suit your intentions. All Complex Candle Spells are completely customized to you and you alone.

Each Complex Candle Spell Service includes an initial 15 minute complimentary phone consultation, A follow up email with photos of your work , along with a basic brief report of how your candle burned ,what you can expect and some suggestions on what to do next moving forward now that the work is done. **Reports can not be sent until the service is complete** Please allow up to 7 days for the full process and report of the working . This allows for adequate for completion and disposal of the working.

 If you’d like a candle report by phone you may purchase a “ Candle report by phone “ as a add on when ordering your candle spell service

If you would like a spell completely customized to every detail of your intention plus personalized service, then a Complex Candle Spell Service is just what the mystic ordered

Types of candle spell services

  • Money
  • Career
  • Love
  • Attraction
  • Success
  • Road Opener
  • Obstacle Remover
  • Protection
  • Reversing
  • Fast Luck
  • Healing
  • Cut & Clear
  • Legal ( minor cases )

Types of Spell I do not perform or no longer offer  

  • Hexes/ Curses
  • Cow Tongue Spell 
  • Cleansing
  • Mirror Box / Return to sender 

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Summer Solstice Community Sweet Success Jar Ritual 2022

How to order a candle spell :

Select your spell

Click the “Order this spell” Button

From there you will be redirected to the ordering page and my calendar to schedule your 15 minute complimentary consultation by phone

Enter your contact details , your petition ( a brief explanation of your situation or desired outcome ) complete your order . * Note* Some spells will require a photo of you or additional information . For example name of company you’re interviewing with , if you ordered a job spell . There will be a email list on the order form to submit that information

Once you spell is booked . You will be called at the phone number you provide at your schedule appointment time . I look forward to working with you soon .

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