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Where If You Can Imagine it … I’ll Teach You How To

Manifest it  

Who is Mystic At The Crossroads?  

Mystic Jasmine Aten is highly gifted expert candle magick practitioner   . Intuitive spiritual advisor ,certified reiki healer and ordained minister . With a previous professional career background in women’s health care .

Jasmine is a 3rd generation witch who’s knowledge of candle magick was passed down to her from her mother starting in early childhood

Both of Jasmine’s parents were practitioners of the occult .So it was to know surprise she showed an interest and started displaying signs of her intuitive gifts at an early age  

Jasmine now has dedicated her life to helping others achieve  their goals and learn how to step into their own spiritual gifts and magickal abilities . 

She’s worked with and helped thousands of clients both local and internationally since launching her business  One Ritual Away in 2016  with now well over 100,000 social media followers , supporters and students .  

 Mystic’s Services

  • Step into your power and make magick happen manifesting your dreams and goals into reality with a customized done for you candle spell 
  • Get clarity and guidance when you’re faced with making critical life decisions. Through an intuitive tarot reading 
  • Learn how use candle magick to tap into your own spiritual gifts and magickal abilities . With private 1 on 1 personalized coaching sessions , and upcoming online courses

Now with over 20 plus years of experience, learning and working with magickal energy passed down to her through her personal family lineage. Jasmine decided in 2015 to transition out of her corporate medical profession job in order to pursue her passion full time of helping people succeed on their spiritual journey, by teaching them to manifest their lives true desires.