Who is Mystic At The Crossroads?  

Mystic Jasmine Aten is the owner of One Ritual Away and Admin of the highly popular Facebook group “Let’s Talk Magick”. A highly gifted Intuitive Tarot Reader, Certified Reiki Healer, Spiritual Life Coach, and Master Practitioner of Candle Magick. Along with a 13-year professional career background in OB/GYN Women’s Health Care and Holistic medicine.

The Mystic’s History

A California native, born and raised in the city of Los Angeles. At the age of 4 years old  jasmine’s family discovered she was also gifted with the same clairvoyant abilities as her parents  :Father Grand Master Sunyata Saraswati ( Reiki Master Teacher, 10th degree martial art black belt, Author of Jewel In The Lotus) Mother J. N Aten (Fashion model & Professional Tarot reader.)  both who were well versed in the art and practice of the occult.


Now with over 20 plus years of experience, learning and working with magickal energy passed down to her through her personal family lineage. Jasmine decided in 2015 to transition out of her corporate medical profession job in order to pursue her passion full time of helping people succeed on their spiritual journey, by teaching them to manifest their lives true desires.

Jasmine continues to reside in Los Angeles working from her home studio where she consults with clients daily, host private group workshops, and offers custom spiritual product kits and services.