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Consultating Hours Tues , Wed , Friday 10 -3 pm

By Appointment Only

Candle Services Offered Monday - Friday 

Closed Weekends & All Major  Holidays 

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In Celebration of Mystic Jasmine’s Solar Return 

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Welcome To  One Ritual Away 

    Jasmine Aten

Mystic At The Crossroads 
Love  Magick  Enchantress & Prosperity Mindset Mentor 

Guiding You To Discover The Magic That Lies Within

To Create The Life You’ve Dreamed of
Manifesting a Genuine Love Connection and Abundant Financial Freedom


Hi beautiful soul !

Welcome - 
I'm so excited the universe lead you here .  At the heart of my beliefs is the idea that everyone deserves to live a fulfilling life, where love and prosperity thrive.


If you're ready to tap into your own inner magic, I offer a range of consultations and ritual services focused on working with the mystical energy art of candle magic. Imagine being able to manifest your wildest dreams, ignite new love, rekindle old passions, or achieve soaring success.
I believe that self-improvement and attracting your desires should be a delightful and transformative experience, one that is both enlightening and wildly fun. The universe is waiting to grant your deepest desires – all you need to do is take the first step into this wondrous world of spiritual manifestation. So why not let the magic begin?
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